A Beautiful Private Island (Rawa Island)
Being an avid beach lover, our short escapade was none other than to one of the most beautiful island here in the southern region. Being just back from Tioman Island a few months ago, I'm off again to yet another gorgeous piece of paradise here in Johor.

After about 2 hours plus drive from Johor Bahru and 30 minutes of boat ride, we were whisked onto Rawa Island, a relatively small private island full of sunshine, stunning beach and plenty of fun. With their pretty hues of blue, white sandy beach, salty island breeze, lazy coconut trees and generous rays of sun, the islands never fail to emit a vibe that kills all stress monsters in me. 

The crystal clear beach

There are only 2 privately own accomodations on Rawa; the Rawa Island Resort and Alang Rawa. Besides, being just a normal weekend makes the island very much less crowded and we could had the beach to ourselves as much as we like. Both Rawa Island and Alang's accomodation are chalet styles, with Rawa offering more chalets with different type of views (sea, hilltop, beachfront).

The slide

In case you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can definitely challenge yourself to this impressive water slide. The height itself gave me goosebumps!

A weekend spent well in Rawa Island and I'm pretty sure I will be back here very soon!

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