The Historical City of Malacca
Being a backpacker for 1 day and 1 night in Malacca was a great experience! Malacca is the second smallest state in Malaysia. Malacca was one of the greatest trading cities in the world and now it is a city of historical and cultural interest.

One of the scene from The Light and Sound

On the first night, I went for a walk at Bandar Hilir. I'm so lucky because I had the chance to watch The Light and Sound show. Highly educational yet entertaining! The tickets only cost RM10 for adult and RM2 for child. It's a great show for a visitor like me to understand Malacca's culture,people and the history. The show starts at 8.30p.m. .

The view of the river boat cruise at night.

Next is River Boat Cruise. I cruised down the Malacca River and I was amazed to witness the place where countless generations of traders from all over the world had lived and pile their trade. Not forget, I didn't miss to go to Jonker Walk. Located along Jalan Hang Jebat, it's just an ordinary night market which bring life to the street at night.

The beautiful decoration of Malacca's trishaw.

On the next day, I decided to explore the streets and corners of Malacca by thrishaw. I found it's the best way to go around Malacca as you can see things nearer.

Malacca gives such a great experience for a first timer backpacker for me to explore the city in just 1 day. Cant wait to come back soon to explore more!

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